Seven Weirdest Sports around the World


              Sport is a physical activity that engages us for pleasure and exercise. The person who performs well in sports is known as a sportsman. There are different supports that are played in the world, such as basketball, football, cricket, hockey, etc. many people play sports for pleasure and interest and many people do sports as a profession. Sports are a good source of exercise. It makes us active and keeps our minds fresh. Due to sports, we get a lot of benefits, such as

  • It makes us healthy and active
  • We can have better sleep due to it
  • A strong heart
  • Reduces stress and worries
  • Improve mental health
  • Increase confidence
  • Give you strength
  • Develop new connections
  • Improve lungs Functions

And there are many more benefits of sports. There are different kinds of sports in the world, but today we are going to discuss the weirdest sports all over the world.

Weirdest Sports:

              Those supports that have different and illogical rules are known as the weirdest sport. For a long time, people made a lot of plays to spend their time with pleasure and joy. Sports always remain the cultural part of the country. Every country has its national sports which are the most famous sports In that country. We are lucky that we are living in that time, in which we can get a good time for sports. We can invest enough time in sports. People make time for their sports, but here are some sports that are too strange:

  1. Wife Carrying:

Wife carrying is the game that is being played in Finland. If you are thinking that Finns were successful and there is gender equality is found. You have to think again. This country created a game known as “Wife Carrying”. This game is also often known as “Wife Running”. This sport is basically held as an annual competition where the husband has to run and pass out the hurdles while running and he has to carry his wife on his back. The winner gets a beer when he wins the race. This strange competition is held in the city of Finland known as Sonkjärvi. This game was invented in Sonkjärvi. There are different styles of carrying their wives on their backs such as piggybacking, fireman’s carrying, and the most famous Estonian style (where the wife hangs upside down with her legs around the man’s shoulder and put her face down). These sports became famous and also started playing in the United State and Australia. It is a good way to spend a better time.

  • Sepak Takraw:

Sepak Takraw is one of the most famous games played in Malaysia. It is the most favorite sport of the people of Malaysia and Thailand. This sport was played in the 15th century for the first time. it has been adopted as the official sport of the monarchies of Malaysia and Thailand (the two southeast Asian countries). The meaning of Sepak Takraw is “Kick Ball” using word of Malaysia “Kick” and Thailand word for “ball”. It is the combo of soccer and volleyball. There are two teams in this game, each should have 3 members, stand on the opposite sides of the court divided by the net, both the teams try to keep the ball aloft. You can’t use your hand. You are only allowed to hit the ball with knees, feet, and chin.

  • Hornussen:

This game is being played in Switzerland. It is not a very famous country but the game which is the invention of Switzerland is Hornussen. A puck “the Hornussen” is tossed by the striker. The sticker the puck with a lash to launch it. The player on the opposite side tries to knock the puck out of the air with schindels, big placard on the long sticks, that they tossed into the air. The team consists of 8 players and the game is played in 4 parts. It is the old sports.

  • Buzkashi:

It is the game played in Afghanistan. It is the national sport of Afghanistan. The name meaning is “goat bashed” in Turkish. In it, a horse-mounted player tries to take the goat carcass toward a goal. Sometimes ago, the game was last after several days but now this game has also a time limit. Riders have to wear a typical heavy dress and operate on an honor system. Where they are not allowed to dismount any player intentionally.

  • Camel Racing:

This game is being played in Australia. In Australia,  2 big events are being held. The first one is “Camel Cup”.  It held yearly at Alice Spring. The second one is “Boulia Desert sands” played in Queensland. Camel racing is a game like horse racing. It is a popular spectator sport and is betting in encouragement. Many people come from the Middle East such as Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia to take part in this game. The beautiful parade of Camels is held with camel races, and some places have a marketplace for this where people can get camel milk or camels of different races.

  • Bossaball:

Bossaball is a game played in Spain. It is the international game of Spain. It was created by a Belgian man and it was played in Spain for the very first time. soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, and Brazilian Capoeira are incorporated in it. The court consists of trampolines. One person from each team has to occupy the trampolines from their side of the net. One of them is the attacker and has to serve the ball. And the opposite team has to return the ball over the net with no more than 5 contacts.

  • Kabaddi:

Kabaddi was invented in Bangladesh. This is the mixture of wrestling and captures the flag. During the competition, the person of the team has to run across the centerline of the court and tries to tag the players of another team. The person doesn’t have to take breathe until they haven’t returned to their side of the court. Kabaddi is the national sport of Bangladesh and is famous in other countries too.



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