10 legends about Gemstone which you did not know

Importance of Gemstones:

Gemstones are the colourful stones which are obtained through mining different types of rocks. Due to their attractive colours they have been constantly liked as well as used by humans since ancient times. These are supposed to have supernatural powers. Gemstones have been of great importance in nearly every region of the word and have been in use from the beginning of life on the earth to the present times. Some people attribute gems for prosperity in their life, some for the purpose of success while some keep gems for the purpose of their safety from harmful objects or evil eyes. It is all about a person’s own belief.

Gemstones also have an important place in the astrology in which each star has a specific lucky gemstone which plays an important part in the lives of humans according to some astrologists. Those who believe in stars always keep a specific gemstone along with them and consider that the gemstone will guard them as well as keep them lucky throughout their life.

There are also folklores about gemstones which have been narrated by some elders about the history and use of the gemstones since ancient Greek and Roman times. Gemstones are also currently used for their magical properties throughout the world and the industry of gemstones is one of the most growing and profitable fields in the world.

In this article we are going to discuss some of the legends about gemstones which you did not know.

List of Gemstones:

The list of the most important gemstones in the world is as follow:

1- Diamond:

Diamonds are the hardest as well as the most expensive gemstones in the world. It has been the most desired gem of all the times. It is the symbol of light and brilliance and it was taught that having a diamond can make a person unconquerable.

According to folklores, diamond, the most precious gemstone, was guarded by poisonous snakes in the Valley of Jewels and an ancient legend Alexander the Great succeeded in stealing diamonds from that valley. In Hinduism, diamonds were the part of the statues of their goddess Indra.

2- Opal:

Opal is also one of the most expensive stones of the world due to its different colours. It was named by ancient Romes as ‘Opalus’ and for them it was the symbol of love and hope. Nowadays it has been associated with happiness, faithfulness, loyalty, confidence, innocence and purity along with hope. It is also told in folklores that wearing an opal helped some people to get a better escape from enemies

According to some folktales, opal was used to be a protective gem and would change the colour when a danger was near a person.

Opals had been associated with the power of invisibility in the past and it was taught that opal awarded best sight to those who carried it for the purpose of escape and clouded the eyes of enemies with the thickest clouds so that they may not be able to see the escaping persons.

3- Sapphire:

Sapphires are deep blue coloured shiny stones and have been considered as holy stones. The reason behind their holiness is that according to some sources “The Ten Commandments” received by Moses from God were carved into two blocks of sapphire. Sapphires are associated with the symbol of wisdom, virtue, good fortune and inner peace. Some people think that wearing sapphire will ward off their illness; others think that sapphire would protect them from evil eyes of jealousy.

4- Lapis Lazuli:

It is a very precious stone and has a deep blue colour. It has been considered as a symbol of royalty, harmony, peace, truth and wisdom. It has excellent healing properties and can alleviate certain neurological problems. It can also open the mind and increase self-awareness.

It has been an important gemstone in the history of Egyptians and well as ancient Sumaerians. According to some folktale‚Äôs goddess Inanna wore jewellery made up of lapis lazuli and carried with her a rod made up of lapis lazuli with the help of which she used to measure the length of a person’s life.

Old Egyptians used lapis lazuli in their religious practices and placed it with corpses during their funeral because according to their belief the dead body turns into lapis lazuli.

5- Rubi

Rubies have been the center of attention of most of the people due to their rich blood color. They are the symbol of love, energy and passion. Ruby is the most powerful stone that is associated with boosting energy level and feelings of person. It has been used by many ancient civilizations. Even ancient Greek and Romans have classified the rubies into male and female stones. They consider most brilliant stones as male while declared less shiny as female. Ruby has been of great religious importance in Hinduism.

6- Amethyst:

Amethyst due to its purple colour has been one of the most precious gemstones since the past. It is the symbol of peace. It can bring internal peace and alleviate stress and anxiety from life.

According to ancient Roman and Greek concepts many people used to place amethyst in their wines in order to prevent the state of drunkenness.

7- Garnet:

Garnet has been the center of attention of many people due to its red colour. Garnet is a symbol of love. It is also considered that those who keep garnet with them during their journey would have a safe return. According to some sources Noah used a lamp made up of garnet to light his path when he set its ark in the ocean. It has been a part of ancient Greek and Roman concepts; one of the Poetess named as Persephone was forced to live with God Hades after eating pomegranate seeds. It has been a part of jewellery since ancient times.

8- Emerald:

The importance of emerald is due to its green colour. It is the symbol of love and wealth. Many people think that it has the power to change their lives and fulfill their dreams.

In ancient Roman and Greek concepts emerald is associated with Goddess Venus. According to some historians, Emerald had been used by famous personalities of history, Aristotle and Alexander-the Great due to its significant powers.

9- Zircon:

Zircon is one the widely used gemstones of present times and is available in nearly all colours. It is the symbol of healing. According to some concepts it has extraordinary properties that help to boost health and get rid of many kinds of diseases. It is one the most ancient minerals found on earth and according to some folklore it has been used by ancient people to ward off bad feelings and limit nightmares.

10- Pearls:

Pearls are not stones but used as gemstones since ancient times due to their attractive appearance. Pearls symbolize perfection as well as wisdom. It has been by Chinese and Japanese since ancient times. According to Roman and Greek mythology pearls are the tread shed by the Goddess Aphrodite. Pearls are obtained from seas and are found in the shell of oyster.


The gemstones have been the center of human attraction since ancient times and their importance is due to some mysterious concepts developed on the basis of history.

The use of gemstones has been increasing day by day. Nowadays apart from being used as stones of particular stars, they are also used widely in jewellery, ornaments and other objects due to their attractive appearance.



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