Things to know about Donald Trump Getting Banned from Social Media

Donald Trump was the President of the United State From 2017-2021. America (The United State) is the best country in the world and people here like to live in peace and they don’t want to face any kind of hardship. Today we will talk about US President Donald Trump who has also been an American businessman and media personality and was born in New York. Donald Trump Was Born on 14 June 1946. He was the 45th President of the United States who served as President of the United States from 2017 to 2021. Donald Trump is a well-known figure in the United States, known as a media personality and businessman, and he also served as President.

While many people hate Donald Trump at the same time many people are his supporters and love him. As we saw in this election many people raised their voices in his favor. They spout Donald Trump for the seat of president. But as I said, the United States is a peace-loving country and its people are kept away from extremism.  Imposed too many restrictions on them. In the 2021 election, the United States considered Joe Biden as its president and Donald Trump lost the election. Because of this, Donald Trump’s supporters became a whirlwind and he showed a lot of extremism.

Why Trump Ban:

When Biden became president of The United Nation, Donald Trump’s supporters disobeyed his decision and declared a state of emergency. They protested loudly and Donald Trump kept his supporters informed using Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. And they kept asking him to protest the decision, which led to the social media platform suspending Trump’s account. Donald Trump supporters indefinitely shut down his social media account as a result of the violent storm on Capitol Hill.

Banned Accounts Due to Violence:

Facebook suspended Donald Trump’s account to stop the violence, and so did Twitter and Instagram. Because Donald Trump’s statements were inciting his supporters to violence, it was necessary to suspend all accounts, and as soon as all accounts were banned, all supporters moved to the Gab platform, which led to Google.  Also closed all the affairs of Donald Trump. Trump has social media as a platform to raise his voice and he knows how to use it in any way because he is listening to media so he is not silent and his supporters on different platforms raise their voices in their favor and write in their favor. Facebook also held a conference on January 6 and decided to close Donald Trump’s account.

Supporters of Donald Trump:

But the board of directors misunderstood Facebook’s decision not to suspend Donald Trump’s account indefinitely.  This was because his supporters stormed the US capital, forcing all social media platforms to ban his account. All the people who raised their voices in favor of Donald Trump and all the posts were removed from their platforms by Facebook and Twitter because it was fanning the flames of violence which were making the people angry and harming America. In 2009, Donald Trump created a Twitter account on which he posted 47,000, which he used to promote his supporters.

Reasons of Shutting Down Donald trump’s Social Media:

 One of the reasons for shutting down Donald Trump’s social media account was that British psychologists were saying that drug addicts were making wrong comments, leading to racism. Because there was so much violence against racism while the two were hanging that the issue of Black Lives Matter was raised all over the world.

All those who know how to fan the flames of racism and violence know how to engage other people through social media and grow their community while doing more and more.  Dismissed all cases and Banned Their Accounts.

Donald Trump’s Struggle:

Donald Trump has tried hard to become the President of the United States and he became the President of the United States in 2017 but the language was not chosen in 2021, so he got angry and used it to do all this. Biden, the current president of the United States, said in light of the situation, it was better to suspend the accounts and reassure the people so that no emergency would arise. The United States is a country in the world that is known in the world at the moment in terms of technology and in every way, they want to get out of politics and they think it is wrong to incite any kind of violence or racism.

Donald Trump’s popularity and deed:

Donald Trump is a man who is famous all over the world. He has done a lot of things since he became president, but a community here is happier than him. People there were also very angry with him. That is why he lost the election in 2021 and Biden Talking about rights, people made him their representative and now he is the President of the United States. Donald Trump’s visit did not take care of outsiders who do not belong to the United States, which is why people do not speak in his favor, while your focus is only on people living in the United States Biden spoke from the beginning about the rights of people from all countries who live in the United States.

Efforts of Public For Donald Trump:

That is why after the election, all the people that Trump talked about from the beginning became his supporters and they tried to make Donald Trump the president and demonstrated for him and against racism and extremism.  Tried to blow up which closed all the accounts of Donald Trump.

More reason of shutting Down His Accounts: One of the reasons for shutting down the social media account was that if Donald Trump stopped talking to his supporters, the protests could be brought under control to some extent and that is why all the companies decided that their social



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